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Construction Workers


Watermaiden has both a structured training policy and process to ensure that all areas of training are planned, delivered and reviewed. Some specific training regimes within the company are detailed below.

Mandatory Training

The mandatory training requirements include Chemical Awareness, First Aid Save a life, Manual Handling, Environmental Awareness, Health and Safety Awareness. Such training elements apply to all manual staff and supervisors within the company. For WM managers, WAMITAB training is an important tool and forms another mandatory training requirement.

Job-specific training is also practised within the company.

Staff Development Training

In addition to the above, and associated with the training requirements of the company's matrix, Watermaiden is currently undergoing a Supervisor Enhancement Training package. This has been designed to enhance the supervisor's delivery and performance in the following areas:- Effective Supervision (Delivering Safety for the company), Hazard awareness, Identification & Elimination (See it, sort it, report it), Delivery (Safety Culture), Behavioural Safety Case Studies (Human Factors), Coaching and Mentoring, Risk Assessment awareness, Delivering tool box talks, Environmental Awareness and Management, Reporting Process, Audit & Inspection.

Graduate Development Programme

Watermaiden pursues a graduate development programme in order to ensure it properly develops its talent for the future.

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