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About Us 


Established in 1995 with a strategic aim of developing a significant business built on its unique filtration technology.  

WM has designed and developed a number of truly innovative water treatment systems which can be adapted or combined to suit the specific needs and environmental requirements of clients.

The Watermaiden proposition goes well beyond its unique technology - it provides for a tailored approach to the cleansing of process and waste waters, recycling and the smart use of this valuable resource.

Backed by a team of skilled and visionary technologists and engineers, WM is well placed to take on any filtration challenge whether in a process situation or the remediation of contaminated land and associated ground waters.

Watermaiden has an operations and commercial office in Preston, Lancashire and an administrative centre in Central London. This lean infrastructure is supported by commercial and co-ordination offices in Hampshire and Essex. Scandinavia is supported by WM's centre in Norway.

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Preston Office (Main Office)
15 Rivers Way

Business Village, Navigation Way 



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