Delivering soil, water and wet waste treatment to the UK and Europe

Watermaiden is an innovative company built on a platform of highly original water filtration technology. Its revolutionary approach towards the cleansing of water, regardless of contaminant, has been enhanced by its particularly low operating costs and minimal carbon footprint.

During recent years, WM's patented water cleansing plant and operating systems have been further developed to be deployed in the remediation of polluted and contaminated land. Watermaiden's technology tackles contamination and pollution head on. If the contamination can be recycled, WM plant will capture it - if the pollution is a problem, the plant will destroy it, not just extract it.

The WM proposition goes well beyond its unique technology - it provides for a tailored approach to the cleansing of process and waste waters, firstly through a consultancy phase, and then through its smart technology.

Environment Agency Officers across the UK, have commended WM for its successful approach to cleaning water and contaminated land. WM considers the Environment Agency confidence in its products and capabilities an essential component of its business development plan.

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